Redrollers Research

Established in 2004 by Natalie Rowland, Redrollers Research provides specialist market, social & design research and consultancy services to the private and not for profit sector. Redrollers works fluidly and collaboratively with larger research, advertising agencies and design groups as well as directly with clients.

Redrollers is well connected and can expand and contract depending on project requirements.
Natalie loves experimenting with new ways to make the research process more engaging for participants and more illuminating for clients. Working with graphic designers, new technologies and her finely tuned instincts, she strives to deploy materials and practices that people want to play with and use to capture and tell their stories, to reveal their unique perspective.

Natalie has over 14 years experience as a qualitative researcher working for social and market research companies as well as with design agencies in Australia, London and Amsterdam. She has a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing (UNSW) and received a Masters in Social Inquiry (UTS) in 2007.

When not auditing someones bathroom cabinets or bespoke sneaker collection, inviting herself to dinner or filming people’s TV viewing rituals, Natalie is rock climbing, camping, reading Douglas Coupland or experimenting with her sewing machine.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Natalie Rowland
    Phone: 0438670379

    23-27 Shepherd St
    Marrickville NSW 2204
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