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GSG is Australia’s leading consultancy for customer and brand driven growth.
Our purpose? To deliver substantial, sustainable and profitable revenue growth for our clients.

We do this by bringing the customer to the centre of our clients’ business and by getting our clients into the lives of their customers.

We develop strategies that unlock growth, by growing revenue from current customers. And by winning revenue from new ones.

Our results prove that no consulting business does it better.

It’s all about an obsession with customers and brands and how they work together to build lasting preference.

We do this through our proven and unique Return on Customer First (ROCF™) methodology.

Every GSG ROCF engagement focuses on delivering a transformative growth program through 4 key steps:

Identifying priority growth opportunities – Finding new opportunities is an unrelenting challenge in an increasingly globalised market. We identify best fit options for growth by bringing an independent and fact based analysis of our client’s market and customer data.
Positioning for growth – We rigorously interrogate customer research and data to inform creative development of new brand promises or new value propositions to win more customer preference and drive a deeper level of brand engagement.

Capturing and delivering growth – We design and deliver a whole of organisation ‘customer first’ program of action to deliver the winning brand or new value proposition.
Sustaining growth – We work with our clients from day one to transfer and embed the necessary skills, systems and support required to self sustain a customer first culture and continuing growth. Our unique method demands the hard yards in gathering facts and asking questions. It takes an imaginative and inquiring mind to find the right answer. And it requires a blend of skills and a depth of experience.

We love working with clients to discover more opportunities to grow. And how best to capture them.

GSG: where reason meets imagination.



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Richard Beveridge
    Phone: 0396704700

    L11, 99 Queen St
    Melbourne VIC 3000
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