Sapphire is an independent Market Research Consultancy - specialising in qualitative customer insight and business direction.

Amanda has 18 years experience - mostly agency side - both in the UK, Australia and Asia Pacifice.

Four years client- side - at M&S the UKs largest and most notorious retailer - does, however, give a good understanding of clients needs and business issues from both sides of the fence.

As research was new to M&S, it was met by strong resistance and scepticism by the business units, but Amanda converted even the strongest cynics to committed users. This included George Davies the infamous entrepreneur - who had gone in print as a non-believer of research - when he partnered with M&S.

A strength for insight and strategic thinking has proven a real asset for research in Asia where it is necessary to add that extra layer of thinking. It is what makes the difference on any project.

As the 'proof of the pudding is in the eating' perhaps you would consider asking Sapphire to write a proposal at some stage, so that you can judge the thinking for yourself.

Sapphire Market Research - the first choice for all your freelance qualitative market research needs.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Amanda Buckland
    Phone: 0431179842

    Eastwood NSW 2122
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