Sensory Insights Pty Ltd

Sensory Insights is a consumer sensory research company, providing research conducted to the highest standards in food, beverage, personal care, and other fast moving consumer goods.

When developing or optimising consumer products, understanding the consumer’s sensory experience is vital to success. Sensory Insights conducts research on all elements of this experience. For products to attract initial purchase, the concept, brand, advertising, packaging, etc must entice the consumer. Once purchased, it is the sensory experience of the product itself that will drive potential repeat purchase, or drive the consumer away. Sensory Insights works with leading multinational and locally based producers in optimising their products, so to maximise repeat purchase.

Our research is founded on two key principles: a) precise measurement of the consumer response and b) delivery of insightful analysis based on extensive knowledge and experience.

Sensory Insights was founded by Mark Stevens in 2011. Mark has 15+ years as a consumer sensory researcher. Mark was previously a Research Director and Company Director with SensoMetrics, Australia’s leading sensory research company founded by internationally esteemed sensory researcher Dr Robert McBride. Mark built a strong reputation at SensoMetrics over a 12 year period for developing trusted relationships with clients, designing considered and tailored research methodologies, conducting sophisticated data analysis, insightful and applicable reporting, and presentation to all levels of client management. Mark has conducted research for many of Australia’s leading FMCG companies, across an extensive array of product categories.

With the retirement of Dr Robert McBride in 2011, an ideal opportunity arose for Mark to establish Sensory Insights, to continue in the tradition of SensoMetrics. Mark and his highly experienced team enjoy the opportunity to assist quality-focused FMCG producers looking to offer Australian consumers the best products possible.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Mark Stevens
    Phone: 0298766250

    7 / 22 Hudson Ave
    Castle Hill NSW 2154
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