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About Stable Research
Stable Research provides people and data for a range of research styles including Face to Face, Product Clinics and Online. The current owners, Pip and Karen, purchased the business in 2003. Long-time friends, they met while completing their Science degree. Realising there was more to life than a Chemistry Lab they changed their careers towards marketing and moved into the corporate world. After many years of juggling different projects and careers they felt it was time for a new challenge… their own business. Stable Research was purchased and proved a great fit and a successful partnership born! Read More about Karen, Pip and their Team

How Stable Has Grown
Stable Research launched in 1992 and was originally located in a small office in Glenorie. In 2003 there was just 2 fulltime staff who handled everything from reception to job setups. The business has grown and changed immensely over the last 10 years. The Stable office and call centre now occupies 2 units in a Business Park in Taren Point with sophisticated phone and computer systems. To cope with the growing business the Stable team has expanded to 40 staff including full-time in the key roles of Operations Manager, Strategy & Planning and Client Services.

Commitment to Technology
Stable Research has always invested in technology. They have used online screening for Recruitment since 2003 and gained experience and expertise working on complicated and multilayered screeners. Stable Research has always invested in both systems and technology. With the research industry now relying on online surveys as a core method, it became essential for Stable Research to develop and offer this product.

Stable Research Online
In 2012 Stable Research Online was launched. This offers 2 major benefits. Firstly for our clients covering client requirements for surveys as ‘one-offs’ or as part of a pre or post task for recruitment. Secondly for participants in our Stable Research Panel. As a strong and responsive panel, participants now have more opportunities to take part in research and earn rewards. Surveys are more engaging and better targeted due to the increasing complexity of screening criteria.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Karen Johnston, Pip Hooper, Lyn Parkes, Yasmine Finnegan, Mel Loggie
    Phone: 0285568850

    Unit 13, 59-63 Captain Cook Drive
    Caringbah NSW 2229
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