Stanford Marketing

Stanford Marketing is a full service marketing agency/consultancy based in Bendigo Victoria. We help small and large businesses understand, profile and engage with their customers. We deliver cost effective, customised solutions in research, marketing communications, advertising, graphic design and digital/web marketing.

Our location in Bendigo regional Victoria gives us a unique and in-depth knowledge of regional people and business. Our in-house design studio allows us to create compelling print and digital marketing materials. From visual identity and branding, to websites, animations, videos, brochures and advertisements, our design team brings our marketing vision to life.

From recruitment, survey design and data collection to reporting and implementation, our team of qualified and accredited researchers and marketers has the skills, qualifications and experience to meet your research needs.

As regional research specialists we provide considerable cost savings over city-based firms. We offer quality and value, with a passion for our work and a rigorous approach. We aim to exceed expectations by applying our wide ranging expertise to the areas we know best, engaging
respondents we understand.

With years of experience in qualitative and quantitative research and recruitment, our service is professional, personal and proven.
Qualitative research

Recruitment – with our own database including regional Victoria and state capitals
Focus groups
Venue hire
Workshop facilitatio
In-depth interview
Service design and review
Community/stakeholder engagemen
Social media analysis
Quantitative research

Sample design
Questionnaire design
Data collection – online, mail, telephone and face to face
Statistical analysis
Secondary data analysis
Writing & reporting

Research reports and presentations
Literature reviews
Graphic design and infographics
Multimedia, video, online
Corporate governance

Annual report writing
Research reviews
Corporate Social Responsibility
Brand and reputation audits
Digital communities

Digital strategy – organisation, LGA and regional
Digital readiness audit
Community engagement
Education and training

Needs and expectation studies
Usage and attitudinal research
Brand health
Advertising research including concept testing
Sponsorship review
Community based social marketing
Marketing innovation audit
Communications audit



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0354443602

    445 Hargreaves St
    Bendigo VIC 3550
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