Starburst Insights

We are a market research agency that focuses on real-life people

We don’t particularly like those traditional market research agencies that tend to reduce people to a marketing label like ‘consumers’ or ‘buyers’ or ‘the respondents’. We treat people like people - not numbers. We use common sense. We listen broadly and talk simply.

You get richer and deeper insights because we go beyond the labels to truly understand people.
Our mission is to uncover what truly matters to people and what it takes for brands to connect

Our proposition is simple, but people are a complex bunch

To help brands connect, we go beyond just numbers and labels to understand real-life people: people with feelings, dreams, goals and aspirations.

We know that great ideas and dazzling insights are born from the stories of people. By people we mean… well, you. And the person sitting next to you. Everyone has a story to share and we tell your brand story from those you want to hear from… and maybe those you don’t want to hear from. We chat with people and we question people. We challenge, task and co-create with people. Perhaps most importantly, we listen to people. (And we observe people. But not in a creepy way).
Our guiding principles

We use both quantitative and qualitative approaches in our arsenal to seek and collect, along with these guiding principles:

Less is more
There’s a lot to be said for simplicity. For starters, it’s… simple. In a world where research methodologies can be unnecessarily over-complicated and endless words and numbers eclipse all the good, insightful stuff, we want to strip it back. If there’s a way that we can get to the crux of the issue without fanfare – we’re on it. All along the way we want to make it simple but savvy and wherever possible, short and sweet. It’s what the people want.

Keep it real
People aren’t perfect and neither are brands. Luckily, that doesn’t really matter. What matters more is honesty, respect and authenticity. Brands should be transparent with people and we like this too. This means we don’t do staged realness, we don’t use long-winded and confusing language and we don’t cherry pick the convenient findings. We say it like it is.

Creativity rules
Magic happens outside the comfort zone and this is why we are always looking to explore new frontiers. Sometimes it’s the ‘what’ we do (like trend trekking and immersion sessions) and other times it’s the way we do it. Our research tools are designed with people in mind. We’re not creative for the fun of it, but because you sometimes need to do things a little differently to truly connect.

Nice guys finish 1st
You can go far by being a nice human being. Empathy breaks down walls. Manners unlock doors. We know how to get the best out of people and often the conversation starts by simply listening to what people want to say. Us researchers need to step aside and allow this to happen before we get too far ahead of ourselves. After all, we were given two ears and one mouth, so there’s some empirical evidence right there that we should be listening twice as much as we speak.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Megan Simpson

    Surry Hills NSW 2010
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