Our Approach
We approach each project in an independent and customised manner, applying the most relevant combination of the following:
Complexity and Systems Theory

An emphasis on connectivity and interaction, leading to the design of smarter, more enduring solutions.
Strengths based approaches

Identifying what works well and how to achieve this good practice more often.
Participatory engagement

Actively involving all stakeholders to find solutions that are based on collective wisdom and ownership.

Four principles provide a foundation for how we approach our work: balance, early feedback, high care factor, and diversity and dissent.
Our Values

Synergistiq is a values-based company. Our values ensure that we bring integrity to everything we do and allow us to get to the heart of the matter.

Our Principles
Our principles of self-organisation provide the foundation for how we approach our work.

Our core services cover three key areas:

Research & Evaluation
Synergistiq staff are skilled at designing and implementing all types of research and evaluation methodologies.

Strategy & Policy Development
We know that effective strategy and policy needs to contribute to a broader understanding of how people view the world. It also needs to be informed by robust evidence.

Facilitation and Engagement
Our method of facilitation caters for the most rich and complex environments, ensuring maximum buy-in and participation from all parties and viewpoints.



Location and contact

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    Phone: 0399466800

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