T garage

Our approach
At T garage we utilise a blend of traditional and cutting edge online methodologies. This flexible and innovative approach enables us to conduct iterative research that gets to the heart of your business issues in order to deliver powerful insights and tangible outcomes.

And with over 100 years of senior global marketing experience and insights expertise we are focused on delivering great thinking in actionable plans and tangible outcomes... "Thought in Action"

Types of research we do

Brand Strategy
Combining senior level brand marketing experience and insights expertise to map out a compelling path for your brand

Market segmentation
Brand positioning
Portfolio strategy
Growth strategy development

Co-create with your consumers and develop, refine and plan a solid new product funnel

Co-creation/idea sparking
Idea screening
Concept and product testing
Product bundle development

Be the leader in your category. Leverage our In The Moment mobile platform, with GPS, barcode scanning and rich media capability

Shopper safaris
Planning process
Purchase decision hierarchy
Purchase drivers & barriers
Category strategy development
Point of sale effectiveness

Develop a sound creative strategy and test communication concepts

Creative Strategy Optimisation
Pre and Post Ad testing

Brand health tracker & net promoter scores
Understand your brand health including the level of brand advocacy and determine which marketing levers will increase the power of your brand

Brand health tracking
Net Promoter tracker and associated drivers

The voice of the customer
See the world from your consumers perspective

Product reviews
Consumer immersion
In market activity audits
Competitor activity analysis
Mystery shopping


Website: http://www.tgarage.com.au

Locations and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0499773870
    Email: info@tgarage.com.au

    69 Emerald Hill Pl
    South Melbourne VIC 3205
  • NSW

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0294594200
    Email: info@tgarage.com.au

    2 McManus St
    McMahons Point NSW 2060
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