Tebbutt Research

Tebbutt Research is a full service market research agency and is known globally as the South Pacific’s market leader and pioneer of world standard market research practices. With offices in Australia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea, we provide extensive and unmatched coverage across the Pacific Islands. Tebbutt Research was established in 1991, and over the last 22 years the company has completed more than 800 projects across 17 countries.

Tebbutt Research promises the special combination of international expertise and local knowledge in the South Pacific region. We boast superior and specialized qualitative and quantitative research skills developed on the ground in the South Pacific markets. We have an in-house operations centre set up in our PNG and Fiji offices which includes fieldwork capabilities, data processing and quality control. We also have CATI facilities to conduct out bound telephone calling and have the facilities to conduct qualitative focus groups and depth interviews.

Tebbutt Research enjoys a high reputation in the region for its professionalism and integrity, international standards of delivery and commitment to client satisfaction. Our research approach is culturally sensitive to design, analysis and interpretation. Tebbutt Research in fact has pioneered a lot of development for the region and has been recognized for its outstanding achievements in this way via its many awards. Tebbutt Research has been awarded Exporter of the Year Awards for 3 years (2003, 2004 and 2007) and its founder/owner being named Fiji’s 2004 Businesswoman of the Year. Tebbutt Research is a corporate member of ESOMAR and is the only South Pacific member of the WIN/GIA network. We are proud winners of the Best Case Study award at the ESOMAR World Congress in 2012.


Website: http://www.tebbuttresearch.com

Location and contact

  • QLD

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0755324666
    Email: tr@tebbuttresearch.com

    L6 T3 9 Lawson St
    Southport QLD 4215
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