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The Evolved Group is a Human Insights Company. We believe that meaningful human engagement is the engine of organisational growth and success. We achieve this with our award-winning Evolved Human Listening™ technology, powered by Conversational AI. Coupled with expert strategic consulting, we identify business opportunities and optimise experiences. 


We apply qualitative and quantitative methodologies to deliver data driven strategic advice, including: strategic market research; management of Customer Experience, Employee Experience and Brand tracking insights programs; data science and AI services including automation, modelling, marketing science, text analytics, machine learning and deep learning services to support every project need.

Our Conversational AI technology, EVE, replaces or supplements traditional surveys so customers can have true two-way conversations to help our clients uncover actionable insights. Instead of box-ticking and one-way question sets, Conversational AI allows your business to engage with customers using an inquisitive feedback companion that enquires on each unique response in real-time.

With over 11 years of consulting experience across diverse industries and business models, our market research team in Melbourne has a strong commercial focus and is equipped to answer any question that impacts your business.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE — Systematically listening to customers is essential to creating a customer-centric organisation. From research to tracking, dashboard creations, strategic insights and CX implementation, Evolved offers a full end-to-end experience.

BRAND AND COMMUNICATION RESEARCH — By combining our years of research consulting experience, Conversational AI and human insights technology, we are able to open up a whole new world of brand measurement and understanding. Our application of text analytics shows us why customers are buying your product (or not) — so your organisation can make informed business decisions.

MARKET EXPLORATION — Who are your customers? Which customers are the most valuable? How do you communicate to your various customer types? Through our extensive experience and analytical methods, we will uncover unique customer opportunities.

STRATEGIC AD HOC RESEARCH — We conduct price testing, choice modelling, forecasting, and experimental designs to develop customised research projects to support data-driven business decisions.



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0396701909

    L2 405 Little Bourke Street
    Melbourne VIC 3000
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