The Human Network

Why The Human Network (THN)?
Targeted and effective recruitment across Australia backed by a large and engaged national database. 

Each project is managed by a dedicated and experienced Project Manager from the initial briefing call, all the way through to project completion. With regular client liaison throughout as well as ISO quality accreditation across all of our processes.

Who We Are
THN is an independent Australian Company established in 2000 and based in East Gosford, NSW. THN organises consumer recruitment and a wide range of infield services to full-service and specialist Market Research agencies, as well as independent researchers, advertising agencies and direct-to-client companies.

What We Do
THN regularly recruits for qualitative and quantitative projects throughout Australia.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Ben Bishton
    Phone: 1800135451

    SE18-19 Victoria Court 36-40 Victoria St
    East Gosford NSW 2250
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