The Inspiration Room

Imagine a research and innovation consultancy that specialise in exploring ideas, brand values and insights. We are passionate committed dedicated professionals.

Our philosophy is to ‘inspire, explore, craft and create’ commercial outcomes.
INSPIRE - Discovery phase. review information. Make Observations, research your target audience. Unlock the insight. In order to define the issue and start with a clear strategic objective.
EXPLORE - Idea generation and divergence.
CRAFT - Build strategic concepts. Make protypes.
CREATE - Represent and evaluate ideas. Test the water.

We look at outcomes and ‘ping pong’ with consumers rather than establish a ‘pass or fail’. We don’t sit on the fence, we provide clear strategic direction! We are bold and courageous in our thinking and our methods.
We aim to inspire.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Yvonne Brennan
    Phone: 0294047999

    16 Levick St
    Cremorne NSW 2090
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