The Navigators

The world is an increasingly complex place, and finding clarity requires a broader skill set, and a more nuanced and holistic approach than ever before. There are simply no one-size-fits-all solutions any more. It takes experience, expertise and agility to know how and where to look for insight, and how best to apply it.

This is what The Navigators do. We draw on a range of skills, and skilled people, to partner with clients to achieve their aims. Our difference is that we start with the end in mind and shape our offering to your brief.

It’s our ability to combine elements of our 3 core offerings that allow us to find clarity in an increasingly complex world.

Research & Analytics

Important marketing decisions need to be based on evidence. And we can help you find it - whether it's hiding in the data you already hold, or requires new market research to discover it.

Data Analytics
Propensity Modelling
Media Mix Modelling
Quantitative Research Methods
Qualitative Research Methods

Consulting & Strategy

When problems arise or opportunities appear, it's vital to know how best to tackle them, overcome them, or take advantage of them. With insights based on evidence, and ideas drawn from data, we can work with you to develop a strategy you can feel confident in.

Lean Start Up / Minimal Viable Products
Customer Journey Mapping
Behaviour Change
Decision Architecture
Marketing Planning

Systems & Software

Sometimes the problem is not that you don't have the data you need, but that you don't have the means of extracting the information from it. We can supply or build the technological solutions needed to make your data have a genuine impact on your success.

Online Reporting
Customer Feedback Systems
Knowledge-sharing Extranets
Custom-built Software Solutions



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Dean Harris, Cecile Thornley
    Phone: 0292536434

    58b Lower Fort St
    The Rocks NSW 2000
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