The Realise Group

Some customer experience companies are run by bankers. Others are run by economists. The Realise Group is run by people who have spent their lives understanding customers. That experience counts for a lot. We understand what it's like to be on the front line serving customers because we've been there. It makes a massive difference to the way we do things.

Our Story

The Realise Group was founded by good friends Katie Miles and Cecilie Munro in the year 2000 from a desire to provide Australian retailers a fast turn-around and responsive way to measure what was happening in-store. Initially, The Realise Group offered customer experience evaluations, store audits, incentive and reward programs, and a range of consulting services to its growing stable of retail clients.

In 2003 The Realise Group joined forces with Centreforce Management Services (now Realise People Solutions) bringing with it the knowledge and experience of Director, Rebecca Lockett.

Over the last sixteen years, The Realise Group has invested in finding the best technologies globally to support the changing needs of its broad client base, and now offers a range of best-practice and exclusive methodologies to help organisations listen to their customers, measure what matters, and ensure brand promises are being delivered.

Today, the result of Katie, Cecilie and Rebecca's blood, sweat and tears is a business with a unique combination of smart technologies and creative, innovative, hard-working and 'can do' people who call themselves The Realise Group.

Our team is more than just us.

We bring together a collective of customer experience, communications, administration, IT, marketing and accounting professionals whom all contribute a wealth of knowledge and experience to The Realise Group. We all work together to help you realise your business goals and achieve a better understanding of the customer experience in all facets.

Clients can rest in confidence knowing that team at The Realise Group is experienced in the many facets of project delivery, from client briefing, project costing and programming, design & coordination, contract administration, reporting, quality assurance and so much more.

Our team have the experience to deliver projects from large commercial retailers to small businesses and everything in between.

For more than a decade we’ve been developing customer experience research programs designed to tell you exactly what delights and disappoints the people most important to your business. We’re an Australian company, and we’ve helped many of this country’s leading brands understand exactly what it is they’re delivering to their customers and how they can create a dialogue with them by giving their customers a voice. We’d love to help you listen to yours.



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0396872360

    Docklands Cotton Mills S53 91 Moreland St
    Footscray VIC 3011
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