Three Sisters Research

Three Sisters Research works with clients to develop and deliver research projects that provide meaningful customer insights. Our focus is on ensuring that we collect the right data and conduct the best analysis to translate results into realistic marketing and communication strategies.
Our wealth of knowledge, gained from reading and reviewing the latest government and industry reports as well as reviewing published academic literature on ageing, ensures our clients are up-to-date in this rapidly developing field.

Our focus on the concept of ageing is based on a belief that existing negative age stereotypes can be challenged. We enable organisations to understand their customers and develop insights in order to deliver messages that are relevant and timely, and contribute towards a culturally positive shift in the age paradigm.

Engage Three Sisters Research for:
insights and understanding regarding the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours of our ageing population

discoveries that could provide PR and marketing opportunities that could place your organisation as a thought leader on a topic

energetic, enthusiastic, positive people committed to being at the leading edge of knowledge and understanding regarding our ageing population



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0422002202

    Sydney NSW 2000
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