Urban Economics

Based in Brisbane, Urban Economics specialises in providing economic consulting and market research services to private and public sector clients. Our services are designed to explore and add insights to the retail, industrial, commercial office, residential, tourist and hospitality sectors. We are committed to adding value to clients’ decisions, understanding the bigger picture, and providing advice in which the team has conviction.

Our economic and market research services include:
Economic impact assessments
Need assessments
Market and feasibility assessments
Demand analyses
Highest and Best Use analyses
Demographic advice
Focus groups
Expert evidence
Economic strategies
Cost-benefit analyses

"Great work and couldn't have asked for better. Will happily recommend you and your firm to anyone requesting this kind of work." -Karen Jaques, Clan William Health


Website: http://www.urbaneconomics.com.au

Location and contact

  • QLD

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0738391400
    Email: mail@urbaneconomics.com.au

    L10 87 Wickham Tce
    Spring Hill QLD 4000
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