With over 400 staff, Urbis is uniquely positioned to handle projects from the simplest to the most complex. With Urbis, you tap into a trusted resource that complements and partners your own capabilities.

Urbis is an interdisciplinary consulting firm offering services in planning, design, property, social planning, economics and research. Working with clients on integrated or standalone assignments, Urbis provides the social research, analysis and advice upon which major social, commercial and environmental decisions are made. It is our unique mix of services that provides us with the property market insight that gives our clients that competitive advantage.

Urbis provides expertise in:

Property and retail economics
Urban and strategic planning
Consumer and market research
Policy economics
Property investment and advisory
Urban design and masterplanning
Public Policy
Landscape Architecture
Social Infrastructure Solutions

Urbis works with private sector clients across a variety of projects and we are involved with federal, state and local government, often at the highest levels. The projects range from CBD through to greenfield developments. We are highly experienced in driving the process, identifying key factors to be addressed, establishing critical paths, managing interdisciplinary teams, providing quality advice, managing the often divergent views of various parties, and developing strategies to manage and address the positions of key parties – always with client objectives as paramount. Committed to providing practical solutions, fresh ideas and creating measurable value, we will bring an informed contribution that preserves your vision and balances your needs. With Urbis, you tap into a trusted resource that complements and partners your own capabilities.


Website: http://www.urbis.com.au

Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Alison Wallace
    Phone: 0282339900
    Email: awallace@urbis.com.au

    L23, Darling Park Tower 2 201 Sussex St
    Sydney NSW 2000
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