Vivid is a boutique agency offering advanced qualitative research. We bring colour and life to your consumers and make our recommendations sharp and useful for our clients. We believe when you work with us what you’re buying is our perceptive minds. Trained, disciplined, instinctive and creative. Our aim is to understand meaning and make connections.

Our work is fun, engaging and direct - for you, your brand team and your consumers.

our style

We do our best research by going into homes, tagging along on shopping trips, eating meals with our consumers, matching venues to people and really experiencing their lives first-hand.

We hate research jargon and presentations that drone on.
We use simple words to describe smart insights.

We come with a strong and considered point of view grounded in the consumer's world, but empathise with your broader business issues.

We offer advanced qualitative techniques, developed and honed by us over the many years we've been practising.

Some of our techniques and services:
- Advanced enabling techniques
- MROCs and mobile methodologies
- Creative Development
- Portfolio positioning and Strategy Development
- Cascade Groups
- Ethnography
- Observational studies
- Video representations
- Semiotics
- Shopper and Retail research
- Consumer Immersions



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Jem Wallis
    Phone: 0411471562

    Manly NSW 2095
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