Wallis Market and Social Research

Wallis was founded by its Chairman, Yvonne Wallis, in 1991. It is entirely Australian owned and managed.

In its early days the company specialised in brand and advertising tracking for major corporations. It now has expertise in:

* communications strategy and development

* customer and employee satisfaction research

* new product and service development

* programme evaluation

* online channel research

All of our work is in services and most of it is for the public sector. Wallis’ philosophy is to focus on the customer. Whether we are talking with our customers directly or their customers, our aim is to make the experience as good as possible and to meet their needs. Our operations revolve around this philosophy – we have created a full service market and social research agency and a range of partners specialising in other disciplines that will be able to provide insights and advice to meet the most challenging assignments.

Whether this requires making sense of existing data or collecting more, our team of experienced consultants, business partners and interviewers will be able to assist. Wallis works in partnership with client organisations, academia, NGOs, advertising and media agencies with an aim of achieving the best outcome.


Website: http://www.wallisgroup.com.au

Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Jayne Van Souwe
    Phone: 0396211066
    Email: wallis@wallisgroup.com.au

    118 Balmain St
    Cremorne VIC 3121
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