Wallis Social Research

Wallis is a full-service agency, with the ability to run the entire research project end-to-end in-house.

Social research
Our mission is to engage with our clients, our people and our community to find answers and explore narratives to enable decisions that have a positive impact on society. Assessing, evaluating and testing government programs, before, after and during implementation is at the core of what we do.

Multi-mode data capture
We are specialists in capturing the opinions of hard-to-reach people and businesses. This is especially the case with longitudinal studies. We believe our data acquisition approach is amongst the best in the industry, enabling respondents to contribute to research in a way that is most convenient to them, including the option to use survey modes sequentially or simultaneously. As a result, our clients are able to benefit from reduced costs and time frames.

Data visualisation and design
Identifying insights is only the beginning. Ultimately, these insights also need to be communicated with appropriate effect. We have a strong track record of producing usable, engaging reports and quality outputs that deliver analysis and insight rather than simply reporting on data.

Whatever your research needs might be, the team at Wallis are well-placed to provide you with the research support you need.


Website: https://www.wallis.social

Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Josephine Foti
    Phone: 0396211066
    Email: wallis@wallisgroup.com.au

    L2 273 Camberwell Road
    Camberwell VIC 3124
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