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Why Work With Us
Customer experience is the authentic footprint of every brand and the promises it makes. And customer experience can only - truly - live and evolve when it is constantly informed by customer voice.

So why work with Watermelon?

You hear the word ‘partner’ a lot in business. It’s over-used. So before we claim to be your partner, we earn that privilege. How? We think differently. We act differently. We don’t have any ‘default settings’ or one-size-fits-all solutions. We challenge. We collaborate. We work with each and every client until we are both comfortable that we understand their business needs, in depth. Only then do we believe we deserve to be called their partner.

And what will make us your preferred partner?

Watermelon is the agency that really is the difference when it comes to discovering true market insights, based on how your customers really think and feel. Our team thinks differently, acts differently and – as a result - delivers service with the wow factor, matching the impact you want for your brand and that your customers demand in their lives as consumers.

We have the confidence to assert that Watermelon is unique. And we enjoy the backing of our clients and our track record of success on their behalf to justify that confidence. We don’t just understand, we live and breathe the importance of customer experience and the impact it has on brand profile and brand equity. We know that today’s hyper-aware and highly demanding consumers want an outstanding service experience, every time. Successful brands know this too. Working together, we help them deliver that experience. Not by chance but predictably, based on information and insight from the best intelligence source there is: customers and their voice.

That’s why, at Watermelon, we have developed a unique approach to real-time research that’s delivered through solutions you won’t find anywhere else. At the heart of our approach is recognition that, just as no two customers are identical, so no two businesses are the same. We are different because you are different. In practical terms, that means we challenge, engage and inquire until we are confident we can tailor a solution that aligns precisely with your specific needs.

1. Listen and advise
We listen first and act second. Sounds simple, but how many times have you experienced the opposite sequence? We strive for a really good understanding of what our clients want before we advise them on the best way to get to where they need to be - and then stay there. Our team of passionate customer experience champions will build on their deep understanding of your opportunities and challenges as a business. They will develop and deliver the approaches that best support your ideal customer experience and drive lasting customer satisfaction.

2. Create and deploy a Bespoke Team
Our teams of customer experience specialists are the best in the business. They understand the importance of every customer experience-related programme and its potential for profound impact – good or bad - on key business objectives. Our support team features a range of technical experts whose pride and passion is to ensure everything runs smoothly for you, while enabling us to guarantee 100% technical success throughout every project.

3. Plan deployment/ manage expectations
Perfect planning protects from less than perfect outcomes. We know that success does not happen by accident or luck. That's why we put careful planning and proven procedures in place, to make sure your project is a success at every stage.

4. Embedding the findings
Information is only useful when you can find it, understand it and act on it. That’s why we make findings accessible to relevant stakeholders, in real-time. Findings where you can find them and act on them – the heart of the Watermelon difference.

Ongoing two-way partnership
Watermelon projects really matter – to us as well as our clients. We care - a lot - that our programmes help make a real, measurable difference to your business performance and your customers' contentment and loyalty. That's why we never take on "one off" engagements. We work in a true spirit of partnership. And we always follow up in detail, to make sure that everything has been as good as possible for you.

We hope that by now you want to find out more. Begin a conversation. Contact our team today. Start your journey to sustainably improving customer relationships, positively evolving brand experiences, and building true understanding of the authentic voice of your customer.


Website: http://www.watermelonresearch.com

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