Winangali Indigenous Research

Winangali is one of Australia’s leading agencies in the highly specialised area of Indigenous communications and research. Winangali was established in 2005 following five highly successful years as NTN Communications, an independent Indigenous communications and research consultancy that assisted Governments and corporations to communicate appropriately with Australia’s Indigenous populations.

Winangali was also named Telstra Qld Business of the Year 2012 and NewsLtd Qld Micro Business of the Year 2012 at the Australian Business Awards.


Do you know your audience? Do you know where they are and how to reach them? Are you aware of what triggers an audience into action and how to get them to react? Our communication process starts with building a relationship with the audience. Winangali will work with you to develop communication solutions and our understanding of the audience and identification with them will ensure your message uses the appropriate method, style, tone and setting before any communication approach or engagement begins.


​Winangali’s research expertise is based on respect. We believe the key to engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is to develop a dialogue through which respectful consultation occurs. Our research process involves working with you to develop appropriate methodology to achieve the goals of your research activities. Unlike other agencies, we have Indigenous expertise in all aspects of the research process, from methodology, to field staff and Indigenous analysis. So you can be assured your results are safe.


Winangali is a community engagement organisation with an extensive network of proprietary Indigenous community liaison officers (Winangali Ngara) who live and work in their communities throughout Australia. These 60Ngara members work on our projects in metropolitan, regional, rural and remote communities to engage individuals and key intermediaries to deliver messages and gather information about programs or issues that have an impact on their daily lives.The Ngara are the eyes and ears of Winangali in communities across Australia and enable us to access an extensive and diverse population to engage with them about a broad range of topics and issues and, importantly, get their feedback.


Winangali People blends knowledge and experience of Indigenous issues with a team of experts to provide sustainable outcomes for Indigenous employees, and a strong return on investment for their employers. Winangali People will enable you to have a more holistic approach to providing your Indigenous employees with better support, which in turn will improve the return on the level of investment your organisation has made.


​Why just create a few small contracts for Indigenous businesses when you can provide a mentoring commitment that will substantially grow the emerging Indigenous business sector. The Commonwealth has implemented its Indigenous Procurement Policy and it is in your interest to begin to look at increasing Indigenous businesses in your supply chain. We don’t only preach this message we live it. Winangali commits a minimum of 25% of all project fees to Indigenous suppliers and often this figure is as high as 80% or more. So we really do have the expertise to help guide you through this process.


​We know your brand is valuable and protecting it is of primary importance, That's why the merchandise you distribute must be an extention of the dialogue you are having with your audience. We will only recommend and create products that are symbiotic with your brand, project or campaign. Whether it's promotional material, commissioned artwork or team uniforms, we've got you covered.



Location and contact

  • QLD

    Contact person: Noel Niddrie
    Phone: 0738445798

    Fairfield Gardens QLD 4103
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