Wixim Consulting

Have you got a project in mind but no time to get it done - we can help!

Wixim Consulting provides flexible market research, marketing and project management support to tourism, transport and regionally focused clients across Australia. Our focus is on identifying gaps in information reach and determining the best methods and messages to close them.

Wixim Consulting can provide you with senior support to undertake stakeholder research, marketing communications and customer relationship management. Our skills lie in in gathering and extrapolating data and working with all stakeholders to create synergies.

Recent projects have also included successful grant applications, tender submissions and awards submissions, particularly with innovative regional businesses seeking growth.

Wixim Consulting principal Susan Frater-Sims is the Co-ordinator of the Tamworth Transport Supply Chain Cluster. The Tamworth Transport Supply Chain Cluster Inc was established in 2012 to enable Tamworth regional supply chain businesses to work together and be jointly recognised and supported for their valuable economic contribution. Five locally owned businesses have formed the Cluster: Carey’s Freight Lines, Hopkins Transport, McCullochs Bulk Haulage, Parry Logistics and Stockmaster. All businesses are headquartered in Tamworth and also have interstate depots and operations. The Cluster is a successful model of synergies across regional businesses aiming to build regional capacity.


Website: http://www.wixim.com.au

Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0419703454
    Email: susan.sims@wixim.com.au

    West Tamworth NSW 2340
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