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Xtra Research detects audience opinions in any market within the entertainment industry.
Music cluster studies uncover critical audience tastes and preferences. Songs are analysed in comparison to each cluster group to determine a central sound and build playlists. Targeting music improves time spent listening and competitive advantage.

New music testing can combine Airtime Surveys and XACT as a quick, cost effective method to identify targeted audience opinions. Purpose designed studies that focus on specific songs which have the ability to predict a radio station’s call out research and, within reason, forecast a song’s chart potential. Detailed summaries of the results are included to give a clear picture of what it all means.

Library Music Testing can analyse up to 650 songs in one session, using either Airtime Surveys or XACT methodology. Simply wind up for a like or down for a dislike. To capitalise on an engaged audience thirty minutes, of perceptual questions can be built into the session. The results can help build clocks, consider era exposure and set coding.

Strategic studies master-plans guide all product and marketing decisions. Perceptual research can be the catalyst in changing the overall positioning of a brand. Each study is custom designed to ensure a comprehensive analysis of the market. The resulting guideline implementation can perpetuate long-term success.

Program cluster studies, audience focus groups and Xtra’s various research tools can be extended to television and other entertainment studies. Potential applications include analysis for dramas, lifestyle, current affairs programming, brand images, jingles, promotional campaigns and product variations. Each of these studies are individually designed to reflect client needs.

Regional studies are a proven cost effective method that measures the size and listening patterns of audiences, which can provide relevant information to advertisers and invested agencies. In 2013, Commercial Radio Australia(CRA) enlisted Xtra Research’s to conduct the initial regional research trials, which were used to establish the new regional radio survey model. Since then Xtra has conducted numerous Regional Surveys around Australia. The importance and value to the participating radio stations cannot be understated.


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