Zebra Connections

Is the voice of the customer really getting through to your business?

We produce high quality customer feedback video. We bring your customers to life in a way you haven't seen before to create real change and action.

Although we produce very high quality videos, we're not a production company. Our expertise is customer and employee insight. We understand customer satisfaction, customer complaints, NPS and product - we know the pain points.

Zebra Connections is a high quality customer feedback video product that emotionally engages and inspires stakeholders across your business to implement change.

Ask us about Zebra Connections Plus - our new product that brings both employees and management into the feedback loop.

Our videos give your customers an engaging, powerful voice, making the customer a catalyst for action; a change agent.

How our clients use our videos
Service transformation; customer focussed process changes
Learning and Development
Customer feedback
Customer journeys; moments of truth
Customer stories
Customer experience
Case studies

We currently work in...
Financial Services
Government (Federal and State)
Aged Care


Website: http://www.zebra-connections.com.au

Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0410554036
    Email: info@zebra-research.com.au

    Sydney NSW 2000
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